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20.06.2019 · Enhancing Natural Capital

In this paper, CAPI’s Intern explores how India might look to Canada for guidance to develop policy options to encourage Indian beef producers. Better land management practices such as improved water management and rotational grazing would reduce India’s GHG emissions. Canada exemplifies success in mitigating GHG emissions and engagement for continual progress. VIEW

20.06.2019 · Enhancing Natural Capital

In this paper, one of the 2017-2019 doctoral fellows at the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI), explores the environmental and economic consequences of tile drainage systems in Canada as the demand for agricultural drainage has increased recently to tackle uncertainties in precipitation patterns that are anticipated under a changing climate. VIEW

24.08.2018 · What We're Working On

This project brings together a select number of doctoral students to address physical, scientific, legal and economic issues related to water use in Canadian agriculture. CAPI’s first working seminar to commence the project was held in June with presentations by Dr. Glenn Fox (economist), University of Guelph, Jamie Benidickson (lawyer), University of Ottawa and Elizabeth Pattey (scientist), Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. The doctoral fellows will continue their collaboration, under the guidance of CAPI, and produce original academic papers on various aspects of agriculture and water use in Canada.

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15.07.2019 · Optimizing Growth

The Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry (AGFO) released its 19th report “Made in Canada: Growing Canada’s Value-Added Food Sector”. CAPI was one of the witnesses who provided expert information, and pleased that Senate of Canada is taking a keen interest in Canada’s agriculture and agri-food system.