CAPI’s work is a team effort for gauging the pulse of the agri-food industry

WhyResearch. Collaborate. Elevate.

We are the place for agri-food leaders to come together, share insights and advance ideas on emerging agri-food issues facing this important sector. By providing a safe place for dialogue, source material and education for all stakeholders, we are helping to ensure growth and prosperity in the industry for generations to come.


We provide a neutral place to hold dialogues and generate perspectives among leaders across the food system.


Through a partnership-oriented approach, we facilitate comprehensive research and frank dialogue.


CAPI’s focus is on long term issues and consequences that could potentially have adverse or positive implications for the agri-food sector.

hoWLet’s Work TOgether

CAPI’s work is only possible because of the generous support of individuals and organizations.

CAPI works with public and private partners to advance policy solutions that enable agriculture and the food value-chain to meet the growing needs of consumers in Canada and around the world through a more resilient, sustainable, productive, competitive, and profitable food system. 

There are three avenues for you to support CAPI: become a CAPI partner and work with us to advance policy solutions, engage with CAPI on a project that tackles the complex and dynamic challenges facing Canadian agriculture and food, or donate to the Canadian Agri-Food Foundation, a registered charity.

For more information about supporting CAPI, please contact Bree Jones, Director, Partnerships and Business Development at




The policy landscape is shifting, and so is CAPI. Success requires new policy solutions, new coalitions, more evidence and analysis, and working harder and smarter. The agriculture and food sector needs a safe space and independent voice for challenging conversations if we are going to achieve the goal of meeting the growing needs of consumers in Canada and around the world through a more resilient, sustainable, productive, competitive, and profitable agri-food system.

Let’s advance policy solutions together. Through groundbreaking research, collaboration across agri-food, and knowledge mobilization. CAPI’s new partnership program embraces CAPI’s role as a convener and venue for agri-food to continue to come together. Consider partnering with us today.

$7,500 annually

$20,000 annually

Policy Supporters and Policy Champions both receive:

  • Quarterly insight into CAPI’s research projects and research topics on the horizon. 
  • Participation in semi-annual partner-only dialogues, to inform our research agenda. 
  • An annual presentation for your organization by CAPI on agri-food policy in Canada. 
  • Recognition as a co-sponsor during a CAPI webinar important to your organization. 
  • Partner-only discounts to in-person events. 
  • Recognition on our website and e-newsletter. 

In addition to the Agri-Food Policy Supporter Level, Policy Champions also receive:

  • Primary sponsorship of a CAPI webinar important to your organization. 
  • Customized policy support from the CAPI network, which could include: hosting CAPI for a policy development workshop on the topic of your choice, or policy analysis or research on a topic impacting your organization, or regular engagement with CAPI staff, or creative policy support agreed upon to best suit your organization’s needs. 


Join our current partners in supporting CAPI:

*RBC Foundation is a partner of the Canadian Agri-Food Foundation (CAFF) in support of the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) Spearheading Solutions initiative.


The Canadian Agri-Food Foundation (CAFF) is a registered charitable organization incorporated under the laws of Canada. CAFF is governed and run by a four-person voluntary Board of Directors. It operates at arms-length and independent from the structure and authority of the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI), a not-for-profit organization.  Directors are in support of the goals, objectives and policies of CAPI.

The objective of the Foundation is to promote excellence in the agriculture and agri-food industry in Canada for the benefit of the public by conducting research on best practices related to the agriculture and agri-food industry and disseminating the results of the research to the public, industry stakeholders, the policy research community and the federal and provincial governments and in particular by:

  • conducting research and sharing results on existing and emerging issues in the agricultural sector;
  • developing and assessing balanced, unbiased alternative to issues in the agricultural sector; and
  • providing industry stakeholders advice and a third-party perspective when agricultural policy decisions are made.

Support CAFF – You can make a difference. Consider becoming a partner or supporter of our work through the Canadian Agri-Food Foundation, a registered charity. Your commitment is vital as it is urgent to intensify our efforts as agriculture and agri-food can be essential solution providers for the economy, environment, health, food and global security but creative policy changes are essential.

To get involved please email Bree Jones, Director of Partnerships and Business Development at

The Canadian Agri-Food Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.

Charitable Registration BN: 721920916RR0001.