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04.11.2019 · Enhancing Natural Capital

In this article by Alex Binkley published in the National Newswatch on November 4, 2019, the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute’s (CAPI) President and CEO Dr. Don Buckingham says: “A new film about cattle grazing on the dwindling Prairie grasslands is a story-telling exercise that should inspire the whole agrifood sector into following suit by building […]

25.10.2019 · Enhancing Natural Capital

This opinion piece by Sophia Murphy published in The Hill Times on October 23, 2019 explains that “Canada does not contribute the world’s largest share of greenhouse gas emissions, but Canada’s emissions per capita are among the highest in the world. We have the knowledge and the resources to do better…Within Canada, the Canadian Agri-Food […]

24.10.2019 · Enhancing Natural Capital

CAPI was featured in this article by Alex Binkley published in the National Newswatch on October 23, 2019. CAPI’s President and CEO Don Buckingham says: “Agriculture can be a solutions provider on climate change and that’s a good news story we need to get to urban Canadians”

22.10.2019 · Enhancing Natural Capital

This article by John Greig published in Farmtario on October 21, 2019 “Agriculture and climate change” says there is a positive side to the story of agriculture and climate change. Why is it so hard getting anyone to listen? CAPI’s report “Efficient Agriculture as a Greenhouse Gas Solutions Provider” had some insight on this topic.

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29.04.2019 · Enhancing Natural Capital

Sustainability, best practices and processes should be verifiable. The word sustainability means something different to everyone, and this is somewhat problematic. Read more about this and what CAPI’s President and CEO Don Buckingham has to say in this article in the Western Producer written by Katelyn Duncan.

19.03.2019 · Ensuring Public Trust

Y’aura-t-il sur les marchés une guerre des protéines? La montée des protéines dites alternatives sera-t-elle forte au point de déstabiliser les protéines dites « plus traditionnelles », pour beaucoup, d’origines animales? Don Buckingham, Président-directeur général de l’Institut Canadien des Politiques Agroalimentaires (ICPA) ne croit pas qu’il y aura cette guerre des protéines. Don Buckingham, conférencier invité aux Perspectives agroalimentaires du 2 […]


CAPI Board member Chantelle Donahue will be inducted into the Saskatchewan Agriculture Hall of Fame (SAHF) this year! This is an exceptional achievement which underscores the very significant contributions Chantelle has and is making on the Canadian Agri-Food sector. All well deserved! Chantelle not only makes her mark in Saskatchewan but unquestionably inspires other agri-food leaders and next generation across Canada.