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With the launch of the Federal Sustainable Agriculture Strategy, the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) and Ag-West Bio are bringing together leaders to discuss the role that innovation plays in improved sustainability in agriculture. Register


2022 saw agriculture and food dominate the headlines in ways not seen in recent history. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, food inflation, rising interest rates, supply chain disruptions and the federal fertilizer emission reduction target have all impacted agriculture and food policy in Canada.  While it was a year full of disruption, it is unclear […]


Who does what in agriculture is not always easy to understand based on official statistics. On November 23rd, Statistics Canada released a report exploring what the Census of Agriculture says about the role females play in agriculture and food, but the statistics only tell part of the story.  CAPI organized a webinar where we looked […]


Prices are important signals for allocating resources efficiently. In agriculture, externalities arising from production, such as air and water pollution, or positive Ecological Goods and Services (EG&S), such as biodiversity, are not priced through the marketplace and hence are either overproduced (externalities) or underproduced (EG&S), since farmers’ production decisions will not account for these external […]


Statistics Canada recently released the results of its highly anticipated Census of Agriculture which provides a snapshot of Canadian agriculture in 2021. This snapshot serves as an important benchmark for key indicators of the Canadian agriculture sector in 2021, updating our understanding of the number, regional distribution and other characteristics of farms and farm operators and the commodities they produce, as well as the technologies and practices they use.  

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The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) is proud to be a sponsor at the 10th annual Canadian agri-food policy conference (CAPC). Since it was first held in 2011, the Annual Canadian Agri-Food Policy Conference (CAPC) has become a premier national policy outlook for the agri-food sector. Conference attendees and presenters consist of a blend of […]


CAPI is proud to be a sponsor at the Agricultural Excellence Conference – Cultivating Resilience. Organized by Farm Management Canada, the Agricultural Excellence Conference (AgEx) welcomes anyone and everyone from farmers to advisors, academia, organizations, private industry, and government to join us in Fredericton to exchange expertise and insights to continue to position Canada’s farmers […]


CAPI is proud to be a sponsor at the 2019 Canadian Public Trust Summit, organised by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity and Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan, a forum for building relationships and learning how to engage and build trust in our food system together. The Summit is an exciting and unique opportunity to […]


The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) is proud to be a sponsor at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law ‘s 4th annual food law and policy conference where participants will explore the complex issue of scale in all its dimensions. This year, the conference seeks to reflect critically on time, space and size, as […]