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10.04.2019 · Enhancing Natural Capital

This Summary Report of the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) Dialogue on “Optimizing Land Use for Sustainable Growth” held on February 21-22, 2019 in Calgary AB, synthesizes much food for thought that was generated at this CAPI Dialogue. It is clear the sector is doing its part to improve its environmental impacts for future sustainability. But there are still many challenges ahead to be addressed. Knowledge, better practices, data and metrics and innovation and new technologies will help address these challenges. The government can have a role by providing incentives to adopt sustainable production practices. Industry has a role as well, by innovating and developing transparent systems for verifying sustainable production practices. Another CAPI Dialogue in Guelph in late April 2019 may generate further insight into the way forward for the sector in ensuring future quality growth. 


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This project focuses on the interactions between agriculture and climate change. With agriculture both a contributor to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (agricultural production emits CO2, N2O and CH4) and as a solution-provider to reducing such emissions (agricultural soils are vital in carbon sequestration and thereby reducing GHG emissions, CAPI is examining potential developments and […]

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As an independent, non-partisan policy catalyst, CAPI brings insight, evidence and balance to emerging agri-food issues, but recognizes it can’t do it alone. CAPI acknowledges our champions who provide ideas and knowledge as well as logistical and financial support.

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