Opening channels of dialogue through research

12.09.2019 · Facilitating Trade

COMMUNIQUÉ (Ottawa and Chicago, August 16, 2019) For Immediate Release Canada’s CAPI and the Farm Foundation Convene “Dialogue on Trade and Sustainability of the North American Agriculture and Agri-food Sector” in Chicago, Illinois, on July 31, 2019 The July joint Farm Foundation-Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute Chicago Dialogue on Trade and Sustainability covered the challenges in […]

21.06.2019 · Ensuring Public Trust

Press release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: OTTAWA, Ontario, June 21, 2019 – The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) supports the launch of the “Food Policy for Canada: Everyone at the Table,” especially the creation of a Food Policy Advisory Council, which will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to enhance the agriculture and agri-food dialogue […]


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04.09.2019 · Enhancing Natural Capital

The key findings in this summary of CAPI’s Calgary and Guelph dialogues on “Optimizing Land Use for Sustainable Growth”, held in February and April 2019, were that agriculture can be a solution provider for climate change and for sustainability. In sum, CAPI was encouraged by the enthusiastic response from these dialogues and remains optimistic about […]

28.08.2019 · Annual Report

2018–2019 was an amazing year of growth for CAPI. Now in our 15th year, we continue to work diligently to conduct policy research and analysis on emerging agriculture and agri-food issues that are of critical importance to the future of Canada’s agri-food sector. With the guidance of our renewed strategic direction, CAPI saw an expansion […]

29.07.2019 · Ensuring Public Trust

In this presentation by CAPI’s President and CEO Dr. Don Buckingham, made to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s Committee on Lab Made Commodities meeting in Quebec City on July 15, 2019, Dr. Buckingham suggests that lab made meats still face significant technology and regulatory hurdles before they will make a substantial dent in conventional animal protein market.


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The second edition of Agriculture Law in Canada is the only Canadian treatise on agricultural law offering comprehensive, national coverage of the legal issues facing this critical industry. Farming and its related industries have undergone many changes since the first edition was released in 1999. This new edition has been significantly updated to reflect the […]

15.07.2019 · Optimizing Growth

The Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry (AGFO) released its 19th report “Made in Canada: Growing Canada’s Value-Added Food Sector”. CAPI was one of the witnesses who provided expert information, and pleased that Senate of Canada is taking a keen interest in Canada’s agriculture and agri-food system.