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Five men from across Canada who continue to make a difference in the agricultural industry have been selected to join the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame as 2018 inductees. Ted Bilyea, Peter Dhillon, Wilf Keller, Larry Martin and Honourable Gerry Ritz will be officially inducted into the national Hall of Fame at a ceremony on Sunday, November 4, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario.

22.06.2018 · Enhancing Natural Capital

CAPI’s “What We Heard” Report encapsulates views from stakeholders and issue experts during a series of workshops across Canada about a long-term sustainable vision for agriculture and agri-food growth. Growth for growth’s sake will not be enough but rather will require a perspective shaped or characterized by optimizing growth through enhancing natural capital and adopting innovation.

18.12.2017 · Ensuring Public Trust

CAPI, along with many food and agriculture organizations like Food Secure Canada and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. has been actively in consultations with the Government of Canada developing a national food policy. This work looks at how the important question of ongoing governance of a national policy might be undertaken.


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30.09.2018 · Enhancing Natural Capital

In this paper, commissioned by CAPI, the author discusses the importance of genomic technologies in livestock sector which can simultaneously bolster industry competitiveness by lowering input costs and by decreasing GHG emissions through their impacts on feed efficiency.

20.09.2018 · Enhancing Natural Capital

In this paper, commissioned by CAPI, the author begins to analyze the linkages between Canadian government support programs, namely Business Risk Management (BRM) program suite, and agricultural environmental performance and production neutrality of BRM programs.


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14.11.2018 · Facilitating Trade

Canada is a global powerhouse in agriculture and agri-food markets. But with the volatility that has disrupted trade flows in 2018, could this status be challenged?

02.11.2018 · Enhancing Natural Capital

This report provides the most complete analysis of comprehensive wealth ever undertaken in Canada and one of the only such analyses undertaken for any country. Based on data from Statistics Canada and other reliable sources, the International Institute for Sustainable Development looked at the evolution of comprehensive wealth from 1980 to 2015…


A battle royal is brewing over what to call animal cells grown in cell culture for food. Should it be in-vitro meat, cellular meat, cultured meat or fermented meat? What about animal-free meat, slaughter-free meat, artificial meat, synthetic meat, zombie meat, lab-grown meat, non-meat or artificial muscle proteins?