Opening channels of dialogue through research

22.06.2018 · Enhancing Natural Capital

CAPI’s “What We Heard” Report encapsulates views from stakeholders and issue experts during a series of workshops across Canada about a long-term sustainable vision for agriculture and agri-food growth. Growth for growth’s sake will not be enough but rather will require a perspective shaped or characterized by optimizing growth through enhancing natural capital and adopting innovation.

18.12.2017 · Ensuring Public Trust

CAPI, along with many food and agriculture organizations like Food Secure Canada and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. has been actively in consultations with the Government of Canada developing a national food policy. This work looks at how the important question of ongoing governance of a national policy might be undertaken.

14.09.2017 · Facilitating Trade

In a co-published report, CAPI and the Canada Institute of the Wilson Center explore a new approach to food safety cooperation in Canada and the United States. With NAFTA renegotiation talks in full swing, it is a critical time for a conversation on protecting and improving our shared food supply chain.

31.07.2017 · Facilitating Trade

Domestic subsidies in many countries encourage production increases that result in considerable surpluses and lower prices on global markets, according to a new study released today by the CAPI. The study, entitled Understanding Agricultural Support, also found these production increases fuel highly unsustainable production practices and the misallocation of natural resources.


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26.06.2018 · Optimizing Growth

What became clear throughout the CAPI consultations across Canada was that while there was a general consensus that the sector has what it takes to achieve the Barton growth targets, it will need to do more to achieve “quality” growth. This will require maintaining Canada’s natural capital, enhancing Canadians’ health and well-being and preserving public trust more than ever before.

10.03.2018 · Optimizing Growth

At the Ottawa “Barton Forward” workshop in May 2018, CAPI CEO Don Buckingham set out the four looming challenges and opportunities in the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector: maintaining natural capital; keeping foreign markets open; embracing innovation and “desilofying” federal and provincial policy initiatives affecting the agriculture and agri-food sector in Canada.

11.12.2017 · Optimizing Growth

Ted Bilyea, former Chair of the Board and now Special Advisor to CAPI presents a comprehensive view of the potential for future growth of the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector in light of an increasing world population, world demand for specific food stuffs highlighting the competitive advantage Canada enjoys because of its resource base and agricultural practices.


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This project brings together a select number of doctoral students to address physical, scientific, legal and economic issues related to water use in Canadian agriculture. CAPI’s first working seminar to commence the project was held in June with presentations by Dr. Glenn Fox (economist), University of Guelph, Jamie Benidickson (lawyer), University of Ottawa and Elizabeth Pattey (scientist), Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. The doctoral fellows will continue their collaboration, under the guidance of CAPI, and produce original academic papers on various aspects of agriculture and water use in Canada.


This project focuses on the interactions between agriculture and climate change. With agriculture both a contributor to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (agricultural production emits CO2, N2O and CH4) and as a solution-provider to reducing such emissions (agricultural soils are vital in carbon sequestration and thereby reducing GHG emissions, CAPI is examining potential developments and […]


TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity-sic) for Agriculture & Food: Scientific and Economic Foundations Report. Geneva: UN Environment.