Fiscal year 2019–2020 ended with us facing economic and social upheaval from the pandemic. While most pundits did not contemplate the massive challenges that COVID-19 would bring to the world, to Canada and to the agriculture and agri-food sector, CAPI, as a premiere policy research think-tank dedicated exclusively to Canadian agriculture and agri-food, has always […]


2018–2019 was an amazing year of growth for CAPI. Now in our 15th year, we continue to work diligently to conduct policy research and analysis on emerging agriculture and agri-food issues that are of critical importance to the future of Canada’s agri-food sector. With the guidance of our renewed strategic direction, CAPI saw an expansion […]


This is an exciting time for Canadian agriculture and agri-food. CAPI contributes in a tangible way to the sector by convening dialogue, synthesizing relevant ideas and completing quality policy research to optimize growth of the agriculture and agri-food sector in Canada in four key areas: (1) enhancing natural capital; (2) optimizing growth; (3) facilitating trade; and (4) securing public trust.