Canadian Agri-Food in a Sustainable World

Sustainability is one of the defining issues of agriculture and food today. It has the potential to be both a major challenge and opportunity for Canada’s agri-food sector from coast to coast. Seizing that opportunity and turning sustainability into Canada’s competitive advantage and a driver of improving agriculture and food’s economic, environmental and social impact growth requires building on our successes and doing things differently. It also requires a collaborative approach, with farmers, governments, value chains and civil society moving in the same direction. 

Canadian Agri-Food in a Sustainable World will convene leaders from the farm community, industry, government, academia and civil society at CAPI’s annual conference to explore how to seize the sustainability opportunity.

Event attendees will hear global perspectives, learn about sustainable value chains, get insight into the action being taken on farms, explore effective policy solutions, and consider Canada’s role in sustainable agri-food. There will be opportunities for networking throughout the event and interactive workshops on the second day.

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Day 1 Sessions


Session details may change. Stay tuned for full agenda and speaker details.



Fireside Chat: Setting the Scene – Canada’s Challenges and Opportunities in Feeding the World Sustainably

Canada prides itself in being one of the world’s most sustainable food producers, but there are increasing economic, environmental, and social pressures to be more sustainable. This session will set the stage by exploring the challenges and opportunities facing Canadian agriculture as it works to build Canada’s sustainability advantage, increase our competitiveness, and demonstrate leadership in a more complex, challenging world.


Panel 1: Sustainable Food and the World – Global Perspectives

Sustainability is a global challenge that requires countries to act nationally. It also requires trading systems that enable sustainably produced food to get where it is needed. However, protectionism and domestic policies are making global solutions harder by shifting emissions, impacting biodiversity, disrupting trade and challenging competitiveness.

The Global Forum for Farm Policy and Innovation is a collaborative initiative between CAPI, the Australian Farm Institute, the Farm Foundation and the Forum for the Future of Agriculture. Representatives from the organizations will share their perspectives on the global landscape and what is needed to find trade-enabling solutions.


Panel 2: Sustainable Value Chains

Improving agriculture’s sustainability requires actions along the supply chain. Farmers, food processors, retailers, and consumers all play an important role. Leaders from along the agri-food value chain will share their perspectives on what it takes to build more sustainable value chains, from producer incentives to assurance systems and consumer awareness.


Debate: Agricultural Sustainability as Canada’s Top Opportunity

A captivating debate will consider whether sustainability is Canadian agriculture’s number one opportunity. Join this lively conversation as two teams go head-to-head and help us select the winning argument.  


Panel 3: On-Farm Action

Farmers are on the front line of sustainability efforts, from mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change, to building financial resiliency and improving mental health. This panel of farmers will talk about what has been done, what is underway and what more needs to be done to improve farm sustainability.  


Panel 4: Effective Public Policy and Sustainable Agriculture

Public policy is increasingly being used to try and improve sustainability outcomes in agriculture and food, however, the effectiveness of current approaches is up for debate. This panel of leaders will explore what sound policy looks like in today’s competitive ag and food landscape and consider what role governments should play in improving the sustainability of Canadian agriculture.


Panel 5: Moving Forward as a Canadian Agri-Food System

Turning sustainability from a challenge to an opportunity requires meaningful, substantive action, and no one link the agri-food system can do it on its own. The final panel will reflect on the day’s dialogue and consider what needs to be done, how it can be achieved and who, including governments, farmers, industry and civil society, needs to do what.


Day 2 Sessions


New this year, the second day of the conference will feature interactive sessions and workshops. Topics include benchmarking sustainability, the science behind sustainability claims, and Canada’s Sustainable Agriculture Strategy. 


Speakers will continued to be added in the coming weeks.