Canadian Agri-Food in a Sustainable World

Sustainability is one of the defining issues of agriculture and food today. It has the potential to be both a major challenge and opportunity for Canada’s agri-food sector from coast to coast. Seizing that opportunity and turning sustainability into Canada’s competitive advantage and a driver of improving agriculture and food’s economic, environmental and social impact growth requires building on our successes and doing things differently. It also requires a collaborative approach, with farmers, governments, value chains and civil society moving in the same direction. 

Canadian Agri-Food in a Sustainable World will convene leaders from the farm community, industry, government, academia and civil society at CAPI’s annual conference to explore how to seize the sustainability opportunity.

Event attendees will hear global perspectives, learn about sustainable value chains, get insight into the action being taken on farms, explore effective policy solutions, and consider Canada’s role in sustainable agri-food. There will be opportunities for networking throughout the event and interactive workshops on the second day.

New date: Oct. 2 & 3, 2024. Details coming soon!