This webinar will explore the practical application of GHG tools within Canadian agriculture, drawing lessons from similar initiatives in Australia. Panelists will explore the effectiveness of current tools, discuss the integration of these tools into farm management systems, and examine the impact of policy frameworks on their adoption. By bringing together experiences and insights from […]


Canadian agriculture and food face big challenges with the potential for very different solutions that lead to very different outcomes for the sector. None of those solutions or outcomes may be the right one, and dialogue and debate are essential to getting better policy outcomes. Instead of shying away from thoughtful debate, the sector should embrace it. […]

29.05.2024 · Zoom

The focus of CAPI’s Doctoral Fellows Program for 2022-2024 has been on the intersection of trade, the environment and food security. To address this theme, our promising cohort of CAPI Doctoral Fellows has worked together on a Group project that studied how vertical agriculture can help achieve a more sustainable Canadian food system. While trade […]

20.03.2024 · Zoom

In an era when global food systems face unprecedented challenges, understanding the crucial role of regional food systems is paramount. Join us for our webinar, “The Missing Middle: Policy Intervention on Regional Food Systems,” where we delve into the pivotal intersection of policy and regional agriculture. This webinar will explore how policymakers can bridge the […]

08.03.2024 · Zoom

Join us for a comprehensive webinar exploring the crucial role of women in agri-food enterprises. Sandra Mark discusses the challenges faced by women food entrepreneurs and the initiatives undertaken by the Small Scale Food Processors Association and its network to overcome industry and policy barriers, with a focus on the Women’s Enterprise Strategy funding support. […]

18.01.2024 · Zoom

Explore the dynamic landscape of Canadian agriculture in our upcoming webinar, where we delve into the crucial role of land use in shaping the future of agriculture and food in Canada. In an era emphasizing environmental and economic sustainability and food security, understanding agricultural land use is essential. Our diverse panel will explore the interplay […]

11.12.2023 · Zoom

Canadian animal agriculture has among the lowest emissions intensities in the world. Policies that integrate sustainability, food security and growth can help meet climate targets and SDGs, and build Canada’s comparative advantage. Join CAPI’s Managing Director Tyler McCann and Director of Research Al Mussell, along with a panel of experts to discuss common challenges and […]

29.11.2023 · Zoom

Register for this webinar now.  Animal agriculture in Canada is a complex and interconnected system, and while there are differences, many challenges and opportunities are shared. Its value and impact cannot be measured with simple metrics and requires a comprehensive approach.Improving economic, environmental, and social sustainability across animal agriculture requires common solutions, including growth-oriented policies, […]

08.11.2023 · Zoom

Register for this webinar now. Water security, food security, and national security are inextricably linked. This is because agriculture – the driver of food security – is limited by water quantity, quality, and availability. In some Canadian jurisdictions, water access can be improved through irrigation or drainage infrastructure. Responsible water planning must recognize the strong relationship between […]

12.07.2023 · Zoom

Year One of CAPI’s 2022-2024 Doctoral Fellowship is coming to a close, and that means our fellows have produced four impressive individual reports on the intersection of agricultural trade, the environment, and food security. Topics range from behavioural insights in promoting the adoption of sustainable ag practices, to vertical farming and its contribution to the […]