14.07.2022 · Zoom

Food processing adds value to Canada’s agriculture and food system, but has struggled to maximize it’s economic, environmental, and social contribution. Most food processors are “small” and enabling and facilitating their start-up and scale-up is one opportunity to increase agriculture and food’s value, resiliency, and regional impact. Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind increasing that […]

12.07.2022 · Zoom

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created increased pressure on global food systems, limiting supply and driving up prices of many key foodstuffs. However, pressure on global food systems was already significant, driven by rising demand and production challenges around the world. This global challenge requires local solutions, with food producers being called on to […]

21.06.2022 · Zoom

Canada has two systems of meat inspection, consistent with agriculture as a matter of joint jurisdiction of provincial and federal governments. The two regulatory systems create distinct processing plant segments, and geographic fragmentation in meat marketing and trade across the country. However, FPT governments agree that competitiveness is key to promoting recovery, resilience, and growth […]

18.05.2022 · Zoom

The 2020-2022 CAPI Doctoral Fellows have completed the final report of their fellowship and will be presenting their findings on Wednesday May 18th 2022 from 12pm-1pm ET. We are excited to announce that The Honourable Senator Rob Black will moderate the webinar. The CAPI Doctoral Fellows, Lisa Ashton, Hannah Lieberman, Callum Morrison, and Marie-Élise Samson are a multidisciplinary group focused on integrating scientific […]

05.05.2022 · Zoom

The EFP program – a voluntary, educational tool for assessing environmental risk and facilitating knowledge sharing at the farm level- has been used across Canada since the mid-nineties. Now, in 2022, there is an opportunity to rethink the future of the EFP program. During this webinar, Dr. Bronwynne Wilton will share the results from the forthcoming policy […]

28.03.2022 · Zoom

Rail service is a critical link in Canada’s agri-food value chain. A brief work stoppage at one of Canada’s main railways highlighted one of the issues that can impact the reliability of that service. CAPI will host a virtual panel to explore the impact of service disruptions, the state of rail reliability, recourse mechanisms, and […]

09.03.2022 · Zoom

The impacts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are being felt by Canadian and global agri-food systems. Volatility in domestic and international markets has increased. Disruptions to the already brittle supply chains will likely have long-lasting consequences. It is difficult for many Canadians to fathom the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute […]

16.02.2022 · Zoom

Join CAPI on Wednesday February 16th at 11am ET for an upcoming webinar bringing together two leading experts in soil health. CAPI Distinguished Fellow Dr. Susan Wood-Bohm and CAPI Doctoral Fellow Dr. Marie-Élise Samson will explore the evolving and dynamic concept of ‘soil health’ within a Canadian context. They will also examine the role that […]

18.01.2022 · Zoom

Join CAPI as we bring four leaders from across the agri-food system and the country to reflect on the last 12 months and look ahead to what will matter in 2022. With all that has happened, 2021 is a year that Canadian agri-food will remember: a drought across western Canada, a federal election, an increasing […]

15.11.2021 · Zoom

CAPI convenes experts to take the pulse of agriculture’s most underappreciated relationship Agriculture is relatively unique in Canada in that responsibility is shared between Federal and Provincial governments. This means that governments need to work together, and with stakeholders, to move agri-food policy forward.  As governments ramp up negotiations on the next 5-year agriculture policy […]