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Enhancing trust – the cornerstone to Canada's agri-food success

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OTTAWA, Feb. 2, 2016 — In a report released today, Achieving What's Possible for Canada's Agri-Food Sector, the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) declares that the future success of Canada's agri-food sector will depend on meaningfully enhancing "trust."

CAPI outlines a five-point strategy to enhance and retain consumer and customer trust. The approach is designed to secure consumer confidence, reinforce the Canada food brand, improve productivity, innovate differently to tackle big challenges facing the food system, and create new market opportunities. Better transparency of food production practices, credible national metrics and new ways to collaborate are required to make this happen.

"Trust", when broadly-considered, is a lens to clarify important choices facing Canada's agri-food sector going forward. Worldwide, trust is the defining issue facing everyone involved in food production and supply. This goes well beyond food safety as countries grapple with climate change, reliably producing more without depleting water and soil quality and responding to varied consumer concerns, including nutritional quality, ethics and sustainability. Given the increasing importance of the agri-food sector to the Canadian economy, the country is well-positioned to respond to these challenges and unleash its full potential.

"Finally, this priority economic sector can set its sights on a common cause: be the supplier of choice by enhancing and retaining trust," says David McInnes, CEO. "Food is about trust and few other countries in the world can match Canada's advantages and potential to deliver on this promise."

These ideas are based on what CAPI heard from the Forum on Canada's Agri-Food Future in November 2015, co-hosted by CAPI and Canada 2020. The event attracted an unprecedented array of national and international speakers and a diversity of participants, sponsors and partners. See www.capi-icpa.ca/CAFF for more information on the Forum.

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